Are Tada Digital business card links a good idea?
Tada Digital business card links are a great way to share your contact details quickly without the hassle of a traditional business card. they are a popular networking tool at business and trade events.
Are Tada Digital business card links Safe?
Absolutely. Tada Digital business card links are superior to their traditional counterparts as they allow for instant and safe contact sharing. You can also purchase cards with a NFC chips. The NFC chip that’s inside your smartphone is designed so that it is not able to access other information stored in your device. You don’t have to worry that an NFC chip might autonomously receive data coming from your phone and send it off to other parties. It’s also impossible for people to read data on your smartphone by scanning the chip while passing by. That’s because the built-in chip is separated from other information on your smartphone.
Who should use a Tada Digital business card links?
Everyone in any industry can use a Tada Digital business card links. If you want to share your job photos, job videos, Contact and social media information instantly then this Tap That Link card is perfect for you!
Is the Tada Digital business card links Profile Hard to setup??
The average person can set up their Tada Digital business card links profile with ease. There are plenty of videos explaining each step.
Is there a done for you setup process for those that don't have time to setup up their Tada Digital business card links profile or if we can't figure out how to set it up on our own?
Yes, we have a DFY service.
Is there an affiliate program?
Yes, you can become an affiliate by clicking the "Become a promoter" button on top.
If I lose my Tada Digital business card links can I get a new one?
Yes, you can order a replacement card.

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